NightF (nightfurson) wrote in peaceful_words,

Meh, I like this place, I'm new-ish here too

Meh, I haven't been here long, but I like what yeh folks have to say. I'm a fanatic optimist, and this place gives me more wisdom to share with people, or helps me put my day into perspective... thanks!

Meh, I don't have much to say yet, nor do I have access to quotes of other folks, except I have some of mine:

"Never show fear, only concern. Fear creates panicked accidents, concern creates quick reasoning and wiser reactions."
-NightFurson (I think it was me, I haven't heard it elsewhere)

"Make an effort to cheer someone up, and be their friend. The world is a brighter place when we're not the only ones in it."

"Are you sharpshooting me? Are you standing in my cornflakes? 'Cause let me tell you something about standing in someone's cornflakes... that's a weird way to eat cornflakes."
Hoss Delgado (Spelling?...) from the show "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"

In any case, I look forward to good times here ^_^

Edit: The one problem I see about this place so far, is that most folks here seem to simply quote other people...
"You don't have to be well known or popular to say something deep or meaningful... try it, share your thoughts!"
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